Welcome to Nooks & Crannies.  This is my exploration—my deep dive—into various aspects of the Civil War, a period in our history that begs better understanding by all Americans.  I don’t propose to have all the answers; I don’t even know all the questions.  My interest was focused by my association with the RT, listening to folks that are well studied about the period.  My enthusiasm for undertaking this project was sparked by John Allen who was president of the RT at the time I became a member.

These articles are not products of original research. They are drawn from others’ books, presentations, and papers to help me better understand the topics at hand. I share them here in hopes that others will find them useful. My intent is also to generate discussion and understanding that will add one more level to the RT’s focus on education. Comments and dialog are invited, so please do not hold back. Just click on “Contact Us” in the menu bar on our home page.

I also invite others to post articles here. In fact, we have several from Ed Kennedy, John Mason, Marjorie Reeves, John Scales, and Kent Wright. The more contributions we have, the fuller the story.


 – Best regards, Emil