The Tennessee Valley Civil War Round Table introduces a tutorial for those interested in understanding the origin, conduct, and impact of the American Civil War i.e., officially “the War Between the States”. Our intent is to address key elements relevant to understanding the era that redefined America. If you’re a student of the Civil War this tutorial is a framework for understanding and further study.

The American Civil War was a momentous event in our history and it changed American Society. Discover the causes; the political compromises, the economic impact, the military impact, and the impact of war on the American home.

The TVCWRT Tutorial is divided into nine parts. Each part addresses key elements of friction that impacted the result; politics, the economy, the military, and the people that experienced the turmoil. The tutorial is an overview that will prepare any student of the era for participation in a course in any college or university. For additional information we refer you to our Recommended Reading List, our Nooks & Crannies articles, as well as our Newsletters. You can also find a lot of resources reviewed in our Book Reviews.