February 13, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Dan Mallock

How can we put the destruction of and hostility toward Confederate monuments and those of the founders into some understandable context?  Why is our politics so dysfunctional and confrontational? These issues and others are at the heart of Mallock’s presentation. We need to go back to the very source of these issues; the French Revolution, Adams, Jefferson, and the confounding contradictions of American history. These contradictions fuel the controversies of today as we face the greatest challenge ever to Civil War history, our Civil War heroes, and to our founders themselves. And not only is the past at risk, but the future as well. There is a solution, and it’s not easy, but it’s the only solution. Adams and Jefferson, through their friendship, their ten years of silence, then their renewed friendship provided us with one of the keys.
Mallock illuminates the present by shining a very bright light on the past. There’s information you may not know that you will be glad to know; in this extraordinary time of political and cultural conflict– a review of how we got here is of the utmost importance. History is meant to illuminate the present and help us, now; and this is Mallock’s mission. The essential problem we face is our inability to unify the contradictions of American history. There has to be a way forward and there is. We are in revolutionary times. There is a great deal at stake– basically, everything.
Daniel Mallock has been studying the Civil War since the age of 8. He was involved with the Civil War Round Table of Greater Boston starting at age 13, and the Quincy (MA) Historical Society at age 9. He grew up less than a mile from John Adams’s home “Peace Field.” He is the author of the NYT best seller Agony and Eloquence: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and a World of Revolution (2016). His work has appeared in American Thinker, Washington Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Breitbart, New English Review, and North and South Magazine, and more. He has appeared on Inside Politics, Happy Hour on Blaze/CRTV, Steel on Steel, and History Authors Radio. He lectured at the Adams National Historic Park (Quincy, MA), Sons of the American Revolution-Andrew Jackson Chapter (Nashville), SCV-Sam Davis Camp (Nashville), CWRT-Nashville, and CWRT-Clarksville. He is currently working in the IT world but thinks it would have been better had he been a celebrity chef. His website is danielmallock.com.