June 8, 2023 at 6:30 pm

Walter Green

The Nashville and Decatur Railroad was in operation five months before the start of the Civil War and 17 months before the Federals took control of Nashville and the railroad. Running through Central Tennessee to Alabama, the highly contested line passed through Confederate-held territory, where rebels and their sympathizers continually sabotaged bridges, trestles and track. This first full-length work on the N&D Railroad emphasizes its importance in the Western Theater and brings to light the four key men who kept it open for the duration of the war. Significant military activities in the region are described, along with the contraband camp, military complex and other features surrounding the railroad’s only tunnel.

Retired professional civil and structural engineer, Walter R. Green, Jr. has written documents for use by the City of Franklin, Tennessee and for publication in the local historic journal. He lives in Franklin, TN.