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October 11th Round Table Meeting — Atlanta Campaign Logistics

Greg Biggs, a great friend of the Round Table and a frequent contributor to our understanding of all aspects of the Civil War will be here on Thursday, 11 October. His topic is: “The question was one of supplies” – The... Continue Reading →

Clio’s Confederates: The Women who gave me my path

On Thursday, September 13, John Sledge presents Clio's Confederates: The Women who gave me my path. Mr. Sledge’s presentation will focus on his grandmother and aunt on my father's side, one in Mobile and one in Selma. One was born... Continue Reading →

August 9th Round Table Meeting — Alton Military Prison

Thursday, 9 August; Howard Mann presents “The Alton Military Prison”. Howard G. Mann is currently a member of the Nashville Civil War Round Table. Previously, he was a member and former President of the Kansas City Civil War Roundtable (2000... Continue Reading →

“Atlanta Campaign; Peach Tree Creek to the Surrender”, Dr. Stephen Davis

On 14 June, Dr. Stephen Davis speaks on the “Atlanta Campaign; Peach Tree Creek to the Surrender”.  Dr. Stephen Davis is no stranger to the TVCWRT and always provides stimulation presentations. A longtime Atlantean, he has been a “Civil Warrior” since... Continue Reading →

“The Battle of Port Royal”, Mike Coker

Mike Coker describes the battle of Port Royal; On Nov. 7, 1861, a massive U. S. Naval fleet and U. S. Army expeditionary force sailed into Port Royal Sound, South Carolina defeating the outnumbered and outgunned Confederates defending Fort Walker and Fort Beauregard. ... Continue Reading →

“How An Irregular Navy Shaped the Entire War”, Kent Wright

Privateers, the “militia of the sea,” initiated by Jefferson Davis alone, jolted the entire world to attention and forced Uncle Sam and John Bull to make instant policy decisions which impacted literally every industrialized nation. Davis’s private sea wolves proved... Continue Reading →

March 8th Round Table Meeting: Debbie Watts, “Captain Ryman”

On Thursday, March 8, it will be a special treat for the TVCWRT. An Award-winning actor/playwright/director Tom Dolan and author/musician/educator Debbie Mathis Watts portray Music City’s Legend Captain Tom Ryman and Bettie Baugh Ryman in the multi-media musical stage play "The... Continue Reading →

February 8, 2018 Round Table Meeting: Ed Kennedy, “Horses in the War Between the States”

In 1943, the U.S. Army dismounted its two horse cavalry divisions with their supporting horse-drawn field artillery units. This was in the middle of WWII. Only one year earlier, the 26th U.S. Cavalry had conducted the last combat cavalry charge... Continue Reading →

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